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Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

Aside from the work we perform as professional firefighters, there is no other place we need be more vigilant than in the halls of the State House in Trenton.

First, consider the attacks we have survived in the past few months and years…

  • Raid and attempted takeover of our pension fund
  • Attacks on collective bargaining and binding arbitration
  • Attacks on our right to organize, pay union dues and participate in government
  • Alteration of residency requirements for employment and promotion

Then consider what some still deny our profession and families…

  • Safe staffing
  • Basic and advanced mandatory training
  • Post-terrorism preparedness input, training and equipment
  • Cancer, heart, lung and communicable disease presumption
  • Improved pension benefits including increased percentage of final average compensation and cost living adjustments, and a deferred retirement option plan

If we are to continue to prevail in the never ending struggle of protecting that which we have secured as well as that which we aspire to- our success will largely be dependent upon our participation in the lobbying, elective and supportive process;

  • YOU-understanding the issues and making the necessary contacts
  • YOU-voting in local, county, State & Federal elections
  • YOU-making an annual individual contribution to ProFirePAC

Know your adversary…

  • Lobbyists hired to oppose firefighters earn 4 times per hour more than we do
  • Their clients contribute heavily-our opposition outspends us 5 to 1
  • Our employers have a "union" of sorts - The NJ League of Municipalities
  • Business has a "union" of sorts - The NJ Business & Industry Association

Money is the mother's milk of politics. You have to be able to develop and support friends. Campaign contributions, telephone calls, faxes, postage and patrolling the halls of the State House costs real money! Arm your Union the way they arm theirs!

Make your annual ProFirePAC contribution by printing out the attached form, enclosing your individual voluntary contribution and mailing it today.

Cick here to download a ProFirePAC Individual Voluntary Contribution Application in .pdf format

Fraternally and united,

Dominick Marino, President


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